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LN300 IR Filter Removal

This option opens up the camera for full spectrum operation. External filters must be used to select or reject various wavelengths as needed.
Every effort is made to salvage the original filter from the camera in good shape so that it can be replaced later if desired However, the filter is securely glued in place and is almost always damaged in removal.

Opening the camera for the modification will void your LN300 Warranty. I have no way of being certain that the camera you send to me has been previously altered and I will accept only unmodified cameras. If it is clearly found during inspection of the camera you send that the camera has been previously opened, is malfunctioning or damaged; it will be immediately returned without modification and the shipping cost will be retained.
I do not accept cameras for repair service.
When I receive your camera I will test its functions before beginning any modification and also afterward. Be assured that I want your camera to work well after the modification and I will correct any problems that should occur as a result of the modification for the warranty period after you receive the modified camera.