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Identify Video Capture Device Chipset/Drivers

How to know what chipset I have?

You can open the shell of the device and check the text on the video chip.


How to open the shell of the Device without any damages

Open 2-3mm from the seam of every 4 corner and when every corner has opened 2-3mm or so lift parts apart totally and be carefully that You do not drop the chipset.

Use only Your nails to open the seam.

Here are the photos of these 4 different chipsets of EasyCap DC60:

1.Philips SAA7113
- Video chip (STK1160):

- Video decoder (SAA7113):

2.Syntek STK1160
- Video chip (STK1160):

- Video decoder (Silan 8113):

- Video chip (Somagic SMI2021):

- Video decoder (Silan 8113):


4. UTV007
- Video chip (UTV007):