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Using Stellarium with NexRemote to Control your Celestron Telescope Mount....

Work In Progress 27/01/17

A tutorial on how to use Stellarium with NexRemote to control your Celestron telescope mount.


You need the Serial Cable that comes with the hand controller. You also need a Serial to USB converter if your computer does not have a serial port.If it has a serial port you do not need the converter cable.
The Serial Cable can be purchased from Telescope Cables if you do not have one. The Serial to USB converter Cable can also be purchased from Telescope Cables. Photos of these cables are shown in Figures 1 and 2 below.


Figure 1 Celestron Serial Cable

Figure 2 Serial to USB Converter

Find Telescope Cables on  Ebay


Connect the Celestron Serial Cable to the USB to Serial converter as shown in Figure 3. Then plug the USB end of the Converter to your computer.
If necessary, follow the instructions for installing the Converter Driver software that came with you Serial to Converter Cable.

Figure 3 Celestron Serial cable and USB adapter



Figure 4

Plug the Serial Cable into the bottom of the Hand Controller as shown in Figure 4


Start Nexremote


Figure 5

1. PC Port

2 Virtual Port

Change the PC Port number to the Com Port Number assiged by the PC Operating System

Change the Virtual Port Number to a Com Port other than the PC Port number. ie Com 5

Figure 6

Change Virtual Port to Com Port 5


Figure 7

The Virtual Port is ELTIMA Virtual Serial Port(COM5) Figure 7


Figure 8


One Star Align

One Star Align is not designed to provide accurate GoTo or tracking, but rather allows you to quickly setup the scope to start approximate tracking. This is most useful when you don't care to have precise tracking and will manually find objects rather than using GoTo

Indoor Alignment

Align can be used as follows.

Northern Hemisphere

Point the telescope in the general direction of Polaris (the North Star). Remember that Polaris is straight north and is the same number of degrees above the horizon as your latitude on Earth. In other words, if you live at 45 degrees north latitude, you would point the scope north and up at a 45 degree angle. Start a One Star Alignment and use Polaris as the alignment star, pressing ENTER and ALIGN to accept the current position of the scope. The scope is now aligned and tracking.

Figure 9

Start Stellarium then click on the configuration icon that looks like a wrench (Figure 5)on the left side of the Stellarium Window. When you do this you should get a window that looks like Figure 6

Figure 10

Figure 11

Next, click on the “Plugins”tab at the top right of the “Configuration Window”as shown in Figure 11

Scroll to the bottom of the left side of the Plugins screen and select “Telescope Control”as shown in Figure 12.Make sure the“Load at startup”check box is checked then select “Configure”

Figure 12

Figure 13

Figure 14

Figure 15

Figure 16

Figure 17

Figure 18

Figure 19

Click on star Kochab and Press Ctcl + 1 and the telescope wil Slew to Kochab

Figure 20

To display Nexremote

Press Windows Key Figure 20

Click on NexRemote Icon in The Task bar Figure 21

Figure 21

Now you can use Direction Buttons on NexRemote

Figure 22