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Meade Cables

Meade 10/5m PC Control cable equivalent to Item #505 lx90 495 497 Autostar

Allows your Meade Autostar telescope to be controlled using a laptop computer or PC. Once connected to your hand control port, the telescope can be controlled using popular astronomy software programs.


You can also download from a PC updates of the AutoStar software from the Meade web site to your AutoStar with Meade’s easy-to-use AutoStar Update (ASU) program..
The high quality data cable is round (not flimsy telephone cable) and shielded. The cable is terminated onto a factory moulded female 9-way socket.
Unlike some other PC control cables, the connection is straight through and no wiring adapter, which can introduce electrical resistance.

This cable works for Autostar handset models lx90 495 497.