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DPC Settings

Auto DPC (Dead Pixel Compensation) Menu

Sometimes video sensors can develop a dead pixel. This does not disable a camera but may make the image a little annoying especially with an All Sky Camera. When invoked, finds dead pixels and marks them digitally. The camera will compensate (in DSP phase) by assigning a value to the place where that dead pixel would have, if functional, provided video data. The value is typically the average of the color/luminance values of the pixels immediately surrounding it.

To invoke auto DPC you must first completely cover the lens (zero light condition). Then Run DPC. The screen will flash momentarily. When it stops the process is complete.

DPC is provided strictly as a convenience and a way to extend product life. Dead pixels are very common at long exposure times. Unfortunately there is no way to predict their occurrence, even in the highest priced equipment.




Auto DPC (Dead Pixel Compensation) Menu